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Classical ballet (from 7 years old)

Learning process of classical ballet. Starting in 4ème Année, point work if the foot, ankle and morphology of the student is ready for it. At the end of the 4ème Année, there are two choices. The student can be chosen to enter the Special Class or pre-professional class and lejeuneballet.ch, or, the student can be directed to continue in the regular classes for students who wish to continue ballet, without thinking of having a professional career in ballet. 

These regular classes, which continue up to the adult section, keep working on the ballet technique.


1st year, 7 years old

Monday 17h – 18h

Thursday 17h - 18h

2nd year, 8 years old

Tuesday 17h –  18h

Wednesday 14:45h – 15:45h

3rd year, 9 years old

2 classes mendatory

Wednesday 14h – 15h

Friday 17h – 18h

4th year, 10 years old

2 classes mendatory

Monday 18h –  19h

Thursday 17h – 18h


Classique 1, 11-13 years old

2 classes mendatory

Tuesday 18h – 19h

Friday 17h – 18h

Avancé, 14-18 years old

2 classes mendatory

Monday 19h – 20h

Thursday 18h – 19h

ATTENTION : starting in 3ème Année, 2 classes a week are mendatory.


1 class a week

CHF 1'200 per year

2 classes a week

CHF 2'200 per year

3 classes a week

CHF 2'500 per year

4 classes a week

CHF 2'700 per year

*For children from the same family, we offer a 10% discount on the lowest tuition fee.

The full year paiement before October 1st, non refundable, gives 5% discount. Offer not added to other discount.

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