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The Pilates method, is a way of doing physical exercises that was developed in the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Pilates.Pilates called is method Contrology, in reference to the way that we put the emphasis on the control of the mind over the body.
Through varied exercises, we learn how to activate weak muscles and release the muscles that are too tight in order to balance the body. you learn to become conscious of your own body and of each muscles correct fonction. You learn how to isolate certain muscles in order to elongate and strengthen them.


The objective is to create a balance in the body focusing on strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles. Posture, proper body alignement and continuous breathing are worked throughout each movements are the basis of the Pilates technique.

Classes on schedulded appointment


Correct and improve your posture while strengthening and toning up the muscles of the abdomen, the gluteal muscles and the back to support the spine and reinforce the body

Work on flexibility and lengthen the spine

Relax the muscles that are too tight (neck, shoulders, back), tonify the muscles that need strengthening (stomach and gluteal muscles) in order to balance the body and get rid of unnecessary tension


Get rid of stress using a special technique of breathing which will make you feel energised after each session

Become conscious of how your body works and make the best out of each movements


Better coordination


Prevent the injuries caused by bad posture.


Private class

CHF 100 / hour

Semi-private class

CHF 70 / hour

10 private class card*

CHF 950 

10 semi-private class card*

CHF 650.-

*valid 3 months

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