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Special class : semi-professional

The pre-professional class, " Classe Special" for 11 to 15 years old, fulfill the interests for young dancers who are interested in high level training in classical ballet and whose ability to learn quickly as much in their movement as in their movement comprehension, and who are willing to dance everyday. The basic technique is already strong which leaves more possibility to work and expend the dancers artistic sense. 

The tuition is based on ballet training, with which the dancer acquire the possibility to explore any kind of dance form thereafter. 

One can enter the Classe Special for 1 to 4 years, in order for each student to be able to realize their personal project with their dancing. The parents are invited to watch an "open doors class" two to three times per year in order to be able to see their child's work and progress.

Classe Espoirs

The Espoirs are students chosen from the regular classes of the Geneva Dance Center. They are chosen for their potentiel and motivation in order to prepare them for a possible entry in the semi-professionnal section of the school. The Espoirs class gives the opportunity to the students to beneficiate of an extra class to their regular program. 


Classe Spéciale


Monday 18h30 - 20h


Tuesday 18h - 19h : Point


Wednesday 15h - 16h30


Thursday 18h - 19h30


Friday 18h - 19h30


Optional : 

Wednesday 10h30 - 12h


Saturday 10h30 - 12h0

Classe Espoirs





Classe Spéciale

CHF 3'500 per year


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